Bernard Lintot (1675–1736)

VIAF: 34509981

  • Birth

    Bernard Lintot is born at Southwater, near Horsham, Sussex, the son of John Lintott, yeoman.

  • Bound Apprentice

    Bound apprentice at Stationers' Hall to Thomas Lingard and afterwards turned over to John Harding.

  • Establishes shop

    Begins trade independently at the Cross Keys in St. Martin's Lane near Long Acre before his apprenticeship officially ends, with his name appearing on the title pages of six plays.

  • Freedom

    Made free of the company.

  • Marriage

    Marries the widowed Catherine Langley (1664–1748) at St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield.

  • Moves shop

    Moves to the Post Office or Post House in the Middle Temple Gate in Fleet Street.

  • Moves shop

    Moves to the Cross Keys (sometimes "Cross Keys and Crown" or "Cross Keys and Cushion") in Fleet Street next to Nando's Coffee House at Temple Bar.

  • Death

    Dies 3 February, and is buried in St. Dunstan in the West, Fleet Street, on 9 February.