went back to hear what he had to say, and he had provided them a plentiful Bowl of Piss, which he cast very Successfully amongst them, crying in a Laugh, I never give Victuals, but I give Drink, and you’re Well­come Gentlemen.

The next unhappy Object amongst this Shatter-Brain’d Fraternity, was a Scholar of St. John’s Colledge in Cambridge, who was possess’d with Melancholy, but very inoffensive, and had the Liberty of the Gallery; this was a very Musical Man, which is thought to be one great Occasion of his Distemper: My Friend walk’d up to him, and introduc’d some talk, to divert himself with a few of his Frensical Extravagancies. Another Lunatick in his Intervals, who had Li­berty of ranging the House, Catches hold of my School-fellows Arm, and express’d himself after this manner, Do’st thou know, Friend, what thou art doing? Why thou art talking to a Madman, a Fiddling fellow, who had so many Crotchets in his Head, that he crack’d his Brains about his thorow Bases. Prithee, says my Companion, What was the Occasion of Thy Distemper? To which he answer’d, I am under this Confinement for the Noble Sins of Drinking and Whoring; and if thou hast not a care, it will bring thee into the same Condition.

We peep’d into another Room, which smelt as strong of Chamber-Lie, as a Bottle of Sal Armoniac, where a Fellow was got as hard at word, as if he’d been treading Mortar: What is it, Friend, said I, thou art taking all this Pains about? He answer’d me thus, still continuing in Action, I am trampling down Consci­ence under my Feet, least he should rise up and fly in my Face; Have a care he does not fright thee, for he looks like the Devil; and is as fierce as a Lion, but that I keep him Muzzled; therefore get thee gone, or I will set him upon thee. Then fell a clapping his Hands, and cry’d Halloo, halloo, halloo, halloo, halloo; and thus we left him Raving.

Another was holding forth with as much vehe­


Vehemencemence against Kingly Government, as a Brother of Common-wealth Doctrine, rails against Plurality of Livings: I told him he deserv’d to be Hang’d for talking of Treason. Now, says he, You’re a Fool, we Madman have as much Priviledge of Speaking our minds, within these Walls, as an Ignorant Dictator, when he Spews out his Nonsense to the whole Parish. Prithee come and live here, and you may talk what you will, and no body will call you in Question for it: Truth is Persecuted every where abroad, and flies hither for Sanctuary, where she sits as safe as a Knave in a Church, or a Whore in a Nunnery. I can use her as I please, and that’s more than you dare do. I can tell Great Men such bold Truths as they don’t love to hear, without the danger of a Whipping Post, and that you can’t do: For if ever you see a Madman Hang’d for spea­king Truth, or a Lawyer whip’d for Lying, I’ll be bound to prove my Cap a Wheel-Barrow.

We then took a walk into the Womens Apartment to see what whimsical Figaries their wandering Fancies would have them to entertain us withal.

The first that we look’d upon, stood stradling with her Back against the wall, crying Come, John come; your Master’s gone to Change. I believe the poor Fool’s afraid of Forfeiting his Indentures. Did you ever see the like? Why, sure you won’t serve your Mistress so, John, will you? Hark, hark, run you Rogue, your Master’s come back to Shop. Yes, you shall have a Wife you old Rogue, with seven hun­dred Pounds, and be married Six Years, and not get a Child. Fye for shame, out upon’t! A Husband for a Woman, a Husband for the Devil! Hang you, Rot you, Sink you, Confound you. And thus at last she run raving on into the highest degree of Madness.

Another was talking very merrily, at her Peeping Hole, to a Crowd of Auditors most of them young Wenches. A foolish Girl, amongst the rest, ask’d the Madwoman how old she was? Who reply’d, She was old enough to have Hair where the other had none.