PIECES contained in the APPENDIX.

PREFACE of the publisher, prefixed to the five imperfect editions of the Dunciad, printed at Dublin and London

A List of Books, Papers &c. in which our Author was abused: with the Names of the (hitherto conceal’d) Writers.


VIRGIL RESTORED: Or a Specimen of the Errors in all the editions of the AENEID, by M. SCRIBLERUS.

A Continuation of the GUARDIAN (No 40) on Pastoral Poetry.

A Parallel of the Characters of Mr. DRYDEN and Mr. POPE, as drawn by certain of their Cotemporary Authors.

A List of all our Author’s Genuine Works hitherto published.

INDEX of Memorable things in this Book.



PREFACE prefix’d to the five first im­perfect Editions of the DUNCIAD, printed at Dublin and London, in Octavo and Duod.

(a)The Publisher.] Who he was is uncertain; but Edward Ward tells us in his preface to Durgen, “that most judges are of opinion this preface is not of English extraction but Hibernian, &c.” He means Dr. Swift, who whether publisher or not, may be said in a sort to be author of the poem: For when he, together with Mr. Pope, (for reasons specify’d in the preface to their Miscellanies) determin’d to own the most trifling pieces in which they had any hand, and to destroy all that remain’d in their power, the first sketch of this poem was snatch’d from the fire by Dr. Swift, who persuaded his friend to proceed in it, and to him it was therefore inscribed. The Publisher to the Reader.

It will be found a true observation, tho’ somewhat surprizing, that when any scandal is vented against a man of the highest distinction and character, either