Of THINGS (including Authors) to be found in the Notes, &c. The first Number denotes the Book, the second the Verse. Test. Testimo­nies. Ap. Appendix.


  • Addison (Mr.) written against with vehemence, by J. Dennis. Book ii. Verse 273. Railed at by A. Philips. iii. 322.
  • Abused by J. Oldmixon, in his Prose-Essay on Criticism, &c. ii. 201.
  • —by J. Ralph, in a London Journal, iii. 159.
  • —Celebrated by our Author—Upon his Discourse of Medals—In his Prologue to Cato—and in this Poem. ii. 132.
  • False Facts concerning him and our Author related by anonymous Persons in Mist’s Journals, &c. Test. p. 25, 26, 28.
  • —Disprov’d by the Testimonies of
  • —The Earl of Burlington, 28.
  • —Mr. Tickel 26.
  • —Mr. Addison himself, Ibid. and 25.
  • Anger, one of the Characteristics of Mr. Dennis’s Critical Writings, i. 104.
  • Affirmation, another: Test. p. 23. [To which are added by Mr. Theobald, Ill-nature, Spite, Revenge, i. 104.].
  • Altar of Tibbald’s Works, how built, and how founded? i. 135, &c.
  • Aeschylus, how long he was about him, i. 210.
  • In what respect like him, iii. 311.
  • Asses, at a Citizens gate in a morning, ii. 239.
  • Appearances, that we are never to judge by them, especially of Poets and Divines, ii. 395.
  • Alehouse, The Birth-place of many Poems, i. 202.
  • —And of some Poets, ii. 130.
  • —One kept by Taylor the Water-poet, ii. 325.
  • —and by Edward Ward, i. 200.


  • Bavius, Book iii. verse 16. Mr. Dennis his great opinion of him, ibid.
  • Bawdry, in Plays, not disapprov’d of by Mr. Dennis, iii. 174.
  • Blackmore, (Sir Rich.) his Impiety and Irreli­pgion, proved by Mr. Dennis, ii. v. 258.
  • —His Quantity of Works, and various Opinions of them.—His abuse of Mr. Dryden and Mr. Pope, ibid.
  • Bray, a word much belov’d by Sir Richard, ii. 250.
  • Braying, described, ii. 243.
  • Birch, by no means proper to be apply’d to young Noblememen, iii. 330.
  • Broome, (Rev. Mr. Will.) His Sentiments of our Author’s Virtue, Test. p. 31.
  • —Our Author’s of his abilities, iii. 328.
  • —And how he rewarded them, ibid.
  • Billingsgate-language, how to be used by learned Au­thors, ii. 134.
  • Bond, Bezaleel, Breval, not living Wri­ters, but Phantoms, ii. 118.
  • Booksellers, how they run for a Poet, ii. 27, &c.
  • Bailiffs, how Poets run from them, ii. 57.


  • Cardinal Virtues of Dulness, Book i. verse 45 to 50.
  • Cave of Poverty, a Poem of Tibbald, commended by Mr. Giles Jacob, i. 106. Its extraordinary Con­clusion, i. 226.
  • Caxton, his Prologue to Virgil’s Aeneidos, App No. 3.